Q: How does active noise cancellation technology work?

A: Active noise cancellation technology is achieved with electronic circuitry within the headphones/earphones that actively reduce outside sound waves over  low-frequency. 

Active noise cancelling technology blocks the ambient background noise so that low frequency sound like engine noise from planes, trains, or subways is nearly eliminated.

Q: What is the difference between active noise cancelling and passive noise isolating?

A: Active noise cancellation uses electronic circuitry to actively reduce low frequency sound waves while passive noise isolating helps block noise due to the fact of the ear pads, ear tips covering your ears. 

Q: I can hear people’s voices around me while using the Phiaton noise cancelling products? Do I have a defective product?

A: No, as active noise cancellation technology does not block all sound, but instead blocks your low frequency ambient background noise. While voices will be muffled, active noise cancellation technology works best on sounds produced under 1kHz.

Q: There is a slight static noise when I turn on the noise cancelling feature. Are they defective?

A: No, what you are hearing is the noise cancelling operating sound.