Bluetooth 4.0 noise cancelling headphones


CHORD MS 530 M-Series

Phiaton presents the Chord MS 530 Headphones with superior sound quality featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and active noise cancelling technology. In all genres of music, whether it is pop, rock, jazz, or classical, the perfect combination of chords bring melody to a song. The Chord MS 530 also has the perfect combination of cutting edge technology, unique design, and exceptional sound quality to bring harmony to your ears.



The Phiaton Moderna Series, known for its bold styling, modern aesthetics and world class sonic performance, embraces a new evolution, now known as the M-Series. The exceptional M-Series signifies all of the qualities encompassed in the Moderna Series’ past, present, and future. Phiaton’s M-Series advancements will exceed every expectation with the highest standards in design, sound quality, technology, engineering, and comfort.



Experience improved sound quality, greater range and extended battery life with Bluetooth 4.0. Also featuring aptX which increases digital streaming efficiency and improves overall dynamic range.



Multipoint connection connects two devices at the same time. You can use any two Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously, such as your smartphone and tablet PC or your smartphone and MP3 player.



Noise Cancelling Technology cancels up to 98% of ambient background noise.



Phiaton’s 40mm Titanium Driver Technology provides amazing sound reproduction. By adding a coat of titanium to the driver unit, the sound quality is enhanced, with deep rich bass and added sonic presence.



The Chord MS 530's dual-microphone for CVC (Clear Voice Capture) helps to separate the user's voice from the surrounding background noise and deliver it to the listener more clearly. This echo cancellation and noise suppression technology significantly improves voice quality during calls.



The Chord MS 530 long battery life provides up to: 30 Hours of Talk/Music time, or 18 Hours of Talk/Music time (With the noise cancelling function “On”)



EverPlay-X technology allows you to continue calling or listening to your music even

if the battery runs out or your audio device is not Bluetooth compatible.

(Using supplied microphone cable)


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CHORD MS 530 Bluetooth Headphone Video
Phiaton Chord MS 530 Headphones


Product Reviews


In addition to smooth music reproduction, a dual-microphone for clear voice capture helps to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise and deliver it to the listener more clearly during phone conversations.

November 2014

Taking headphones to the next level – these Chord MS 530 are super comfortable to wear, the Bluetooth works impeccably well and the sound and noise cancellation are terrific.

October 2014

Frequent travelers will appreciate Phiaton’s modern new Chord MS 530, with its supreme noise-canceling technology, which eliminates up to 98 percent of ambient noise.

phiaton Chord MS 530 review
September, 2014

A comfortable fit and head-turning style.

phiaton Chord MS 530 review
August, 2014

The Chord MS 530 has balanced sound, an attractive design, and boasts superior battery life.

phiaton Chord MS 530 review
August, 2014

This baby is going up on the “Wall of Fame” as the best general purpose headphone/headset for the average person. It’s price/performance ratio is simply outstanding. - Tyll Hertsens, Inner Fidelity

April 2014

Just go buy them right now. Yeah, they’re that good

November 2014

If I didn't know these were wireless before I put them on, I would have assumed by the clarity and dynamic range they reproduce that they were strictly wired. Bright highs and deep bass were delivered thanks to Phiaton's titanium-coated driver unit and expertly tuned acoustic design.

October 2013

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