Studio Grade Premium Headphones PS 500 PRIMAL SERIES


This Phiaton product has been discontinued.

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Concert-Hall Sound Quality, Unmatched Performance, High Level of Comfort

The PS 500 Primal Series headphones offer listeners a soaring level of concert-hall sound quality, unmatched performance, and a high level of comfort. With their extra-wide padded headband and stylish burnished aluminum and black cosmetic, the PS 500s look as good as they sound. For today’s music lovers who want to enjoy the best possible sound, with unprecedented comfort and trendsetting style, the PS 500s are the ideal lifestyle choice.

Supple Leather and Leather-Grade Trim

Phiaton Primal Series headphones are designed for those who appreciate the classic yet somewhat exotic look and feel of supple leather and leather-grade trim. Keeping with this philosophy, the PS 500s feature hand-made, genuine leather outer cup housings and extra-plush ear cushions for unprecedented comfort and a snug fit every time – allowing for uninterrupted hours of great listening. A braided cloth cord makes wearing the headphones a tangle-free experience and ensures long-lasting durability.

Technological Advancement for Better Sound

Reflecting Phiaton’s passion for innovation and ahead-of-the-curve quality, all the company’s headphones incorporate leading-edge technologies that produce immediately recognizable improvements in audio performance. Among the many technological advancements that give the PS 500s their signature sound, with deep rich bass and crystal clear high- and mid-range frequencies at any volume level, is Phiaton’s 40mm Titanium Driver technology (include link to the diagram), combined with an innovative closed-ear type rear enclosure. By adding a coat of titanium to the driver unit, sound quality is enhanced, with deep rich bass and added sonic presence. This combination of sound isolation and audiophile-grade music reproduction is ideal for listening to any type of music, from classical and jazz to hip-hop, rock and pop.


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