Q: I don’t hear a voice command when I turn on my PS 210 BTNC or I can't power it on. What could be the problem?

A: Ensure that you are switching on the Bluetooth Power on/off button and not the NC (noise cancelling) on/off button. Please see the diagram below for location of on/off buttons.

Also ensure that the voice prompt is activated. The voice prompt is activated by default upon purchase. Press the jog switch toward "<<" or ">>" while in pairing mode to turn on the voice prompt ON or OFF. 

Ensure that the battery is fully charged. If the power still will not come on after charging for 3.5 hours, please contact or call 1 (866) 313-3203 

PS 210 BTNC Features Diagram

Q: My PS 210 BTNC only shows a green light, not blue or red like the owners guide describes. What is the problem?

A: If you only see a green LED light, you have turned on the noise cancelling feature, but not the actual Bluetooth device. Please reference your quick start guide or the diagrams below to locate the Power Bluetooth on/off button.

Q: My jog button doesn’t work when I hard-wire to my device with the supplied audio cable.

A: The jog button is part of the Bluetooth function. When you use the supplied audio cable, the Bluetooth function is disabled and the jog function will not work. 

Bluetooth operation diagram

Q: Can I still Listen to music while charging my PS 210 BTNC?

A: Yes, you can enjoy music or calls while charging the device.

Q: I’m having problems connecting the PS 210 BTNC to my Bluetooth device. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

A: Please refer to the Bluetooth FAQ on this page.

Q: The music sound quality is low.

A: If the 'Bluetooth Device' you are trying to connect with this device is accessed to HSP, change the access to A2DP.

Please narrow your distance from the Bluetooth device.